Go Out Safe

Project Type:

Identity, Print, Mobile App


Fall 2016

Software Used:

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Sketch, Adobe After Effects

Project Details

For my Graphic Design II course, I was challenged to create a campaign for a social issue that I was passionate about. The campaign would grow as the semester progressed, but the structure was focused around the creation of 2D, 3D, and interactive elements. I initially came up with three possible social issues to build a campaign around, but eventually settled on combatting sexual assault against college students.

3D & 2D Sketches

Once I had a visual direction to go in, I started considering options for 2D and 3D campaign elements. For 3D, I considered placing my messages on objects that would be present at a college party. This included cases of beer, disposable cups, and card games. When designing the disposable cups, I was inspired by the idea of the active advisor who thinks about their friends when going out. I carried this theme across to my 2D designs by featuring prominent questions that students can ask themselves to keep each other safe.

App Design

After developing the 2D and 3D elements of my campaign, I started to view my campaign as a project that followed the narrative of students going out to a party. The posters were active during the students’ walk to the party and the cups were active during the party itself. The one part of the narrative I needed to include in my campaign was before the party. I decided to create an app that would encourage students to be proactive before going out. The students would put in the party and their friends’ information and would be able to see where they were throughout the party. They would also receive notifications throughout the party reminding them to check on their friends.

Collateral Piece & Animation

The final part of the project was to create a collateral piece that would act as a style guide and introduction to the campaign. I decided to bring the visual element of a network that I had used in other elements of the campaign into the binding of the book. The network represents students creating a system by looking out for one another. In order to push this idea further, I created an animation that illustrates the network being created. This along with the collateral piece creates a complete campaign that can live in various forms.