Commonwealth Coffee Co.

Project Type:

Identity, Label Design


Fall 2015

Software Used:

Adobe Illustrator

Project Details

Through Scout, I worked with two other designers on a branding project for a local cold brew coffee company. The company, Commonwealth Coffee Co., was looking to tap into a growing market and target young people living in Boston. Our goal was to create a logo and visual style that coincided with the company's ideals, as well as design packaging labels and a squarespace website.

Final Logo and Label Design

Through our initial explorations, we landed on three different directions for the logo. With the help of our client, we decided to run with the second of the three. It combined a rustic feel with a clean, simple form that we all felt would work well with more detailed labels. We continued our process by moving onto the labels for the bottles of cold brew. Our team felt that an illustration heavy design would work best for the friendly, handmade quality Commonwealth Coffee Co. was looking for.

Website and Style Guide

The last phase of our project involved designing a marketing site for the client using squarespace. We designed the pages so that photography and illustration could live together harmoniously. At the end of the project, we also created a style guide that summed up the brand as a whole.