Works of Antoni Gaudí

Project Type:

Identity, Print, 3D, Web


Spring 2017

Software Used:

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Rhino

Project Details

As a semester-long project for one of my design classes at Northeastern, I was able to design an identity system for a World Heritage Site. I chose the Works of Antoni Gaudí as my site because of my personal interest in the architect’s style. The project involved designing a logo and branding system that reflected the site. We then were tasked to implement this system in a series of 2D, 3D, and digital design pieces.

Typography, Colors, and Patterns

I settled on using the towers as the mark for my logo because I was able to portray two different styles of architecture that Gaudí practiced: ornate and geometric. I paired these towers with the typeface Futura to contrast the angular forms of the mark. For the color palette, I looked to the mosaic tiles from Parque Güell and picked contrasting colors to create a flexible system. The colors and logo exploration lead me to explore the mosaic tiles further and create a pattern in a series of colors to use throughout the branded elements.

Final Series

With a system in place, I created a series of branded pieces. For 2D, I designed a letterhead, envelope, business card, series of magazine ads, information sheet, booklet, and style guide. As a 3D element, I created a sign that would live at the World Heritage Site itself. Finally, I mocked up one page of a website that would exist for the Works of Antoni Gaudí that would include information about the site.